Stepping back to 2012, Anandi Sano (Sandra J) reconnected with her father on his deathbed after not seeing him since she was a teenager. As he was overseas and had lived as an Acupuncturist Anandi asked is she could send him some distance healing. As she sat, within herself , connecting to her father a dramatic energy shift occurred and consumed Anandi. Following this experience, she noticed an escalation of energetic symptoms within her body and being surrounded by an energy. This energy she has fondly named “The buzz”. It runs through her and around her, flows into venues, assists in the teaching process, and brings the guided Messages and teachings which has become peiec healing. People have reported dramatic changes in their body and mindset whilst sharing space with Anandi Sano.

Anandi Sano is is also the founder of peiec® healing which has been given through her divine connection with Source/God/Universe which shows people how to gently heal across the totality of Self and step into peace and presence.
Anandi Sano brings a raised consciousness, awareness and activation of healing and personal transformation. As an international spiritual teacher, intuitive energetic healer, intuitive messenger, author and inspirational key note speaker she brings clarity, healing, peace, direction, alignment and the integration of the totality of Self, creating deep and lasting quantum shifts in those around her.
As many students and clients of Anandi Sano can attest, the energy that Anandi Sano continually flows is powerfully transformational and she impacts others through the power of her consciousness.
While sharing Anandi Sano’s company people find their life moments can start to release and shift and the benefits of this may be felt within a person’s physical, emotional and energetic self.
As Anandi Sano stands in the space of presence with her clients, students and audiences, the flow of energy is amplified to encompass everyone in the room.
This experience can create a gentle flow, balance, and connection between a person’s energetic and physical self. Clients, students and audiences have reported being able to feel the energy throughout their own bodies as they sit in Anandi Sano’s company. A comment that is often made is how one is overtaken with feelings of peace and calm which last well beyond being in this expansive space. To be in her presence is to feel imbued with acceptance and deep serenity.
What is it that Anandi Sano does? How is it that people are affected by being in her presence? How is there a constant peace that surrounds her? She talks about having been given new information about how to heal across the totality of self so that we can step into enlightenment, but what is that information and where does it come from?
Anandi Sano has been shown by Source how to fast track our spiritual evolution. Having been on her own spiritual journey for a long time and having practiced meditation and Buddhism, she experienced significant shifts within herself during those times but it did not completely remove the stress, physical pain,PTSD, and emotions that would still bubble up on a daily basis. She was left wondering if true awakening was actually possible for the average person.
Following her cancer diagnosis in 2012 she decided to take time out for herself upon completing treatment. She felt that the universe had been trying to speak to her and she had not been listening. She had previously battled severe chronic fatigue for years and she finally came to the realization that perhaps the universe was trying to let her know that things had to change. Her careers had always been full of stress as a paramedic, H&S inspector with a regulatory agency and working in a corporate environment in H&S.
Over the period of 6 months, following the completion of treatment, she delved deeply within herself trying to find the person that had been lost for so many years. She immersed herself further into Buddhism and meditation, buddha chanting and qigong. She completed body work modalities, energy work and sound healing certification and began to treat clients and do sound healings for groups. Changes started to occur in her life. She became calmer but still the flashbacks and emotions continued. There was always an underlying anxiety that dominated her life.
Anandi Sano had previously had 4 significant spiritual shifts in 1996, 2007, 2012 and 2016 which saw her walking in a bliss state for a month to a few months but these all subsided as life took over again.
During the period between 2012 and 2016 life started to change and in particular after that life changing day in 2012 when she gave her father an energy session as he lay in a hospital bed in Malaysia. She had not had contact with him for over 20 years. In a moment of connection between the two Source decided it was time and flooded Anandi Sano with an energy that she could only describe as absolute bliss.
Following this experience she observed an energy flowing through and around her which has gotten stronger and stronger. In 2016 and up to this moment she started to receive information from Source and continues to be shown how people can heal across the totality of self and in doing so step into enlightenment.
2017 however, was a dark struggle as she tried to understand what was happening to her as she was shown how to heal. Every day life moments came up to heal and Anandi Sano recounts that there were times when she thought she was losing her mind. What was happening was that she was losing ego and ego wasn’t liking it. The struggle continued for nearly a year and during this time Source asked Anandi Sano to start teaching what she had been shown. The simplified explanation of what she was shown is in the the two images below.
The first image shows an example of when an energetic life moment falls on our energetic layers of self. Someone may have said something unpleasant to you and the words fall into your layers creating a life moment.
As it soon as this energetic cluster or ball falls onto your layers , threads will start to snake out looking for other life moments already in the layers. (Image 2)

These life moments will have a similarity of some sort to the life moment that just occurred. It could be a similar situation, or similar words, or similar emotion or similar story or energy.
Once found, the threads attach themselves creating a complex spider like map of life moments that flare up the layers. Once the life moments are ‘active’ or flared up, the erratic vibration of the layers flows out to our physical vessel creating emotional states and pain and disease.
Anandi Sano was shown how to quickly and easily access and find the life moments so that they could easily be released energetically. In doing so she started to heal , not only in her physical vessel but across all of who she was . The flashbacks ceased, the anger disappeared, the anxiety disappeared and her life then filled with peace, calmness , presence and joy.
In 2018 another shift occurred for her through the release of deep life moments and an expansiveness and presence became the norm. It had been sitting under the surface but it was like there were some life moments remaining that were stopping that presence from being there constantly.
Anandi Sano has now , albeit initially reluctantly, stepped into the space of a spiritual teacher who is able to teach people how to heal self so that they can fast track their spiritual evolution. Her presence and the strong energy that flows from her affects people in profound ways and changes people’s lives. She is able to transmit the Satori state to people by being in her presence. The space of pure bliss and peace. The space that we all search for.
As she always says..”If I was able to do it..Me…the person that I thought was so broken..well so can you”.
She has also recently taken on a new name. Here is her story on how this came about.
Let me tell you a little story. In 2017 , five years after God gave me the gift of this energy that runs through me I read the name that Source gave to me in a guided message. Little One.
In the guided messages Source has always referred to me as Little One. During 2017 I was repeatedly told that my name would one day have to change, to match the place where I would need to stand. I never quite knew what that meant. In 2017 a name was uttered at a meeting and someone thought it sounded like Shamu, so that became my nickname. I knew it wasn’t ‘the name’ but it stuck.
All through the period from 2012 when my gift was given from God, and to be honest, as far back as I can remember I have always had this vision of standing on a mountain with a monastery behind me, somewhere what I felt was around Tibet.
So at one point, when Source said that a name change was needed I started ‘looking’. I knew Little one had something to do with it so I googled Little One in Tibetan, in Sanskrit, in Japanese, nothing revealed itself. So I let it go.
On a trip to Bali for a rereat I was holding, the urgency of finding the name descended on me again. I thought it was now going to be a Sanskrit name of some sort that a priest would be able to bestow on me and so we set off and met up with a priest. He told me I could use the name Anandi meaning mother of the universe but also joyful or happy. I loved the word but it did not feel right. It wasn’t complete. Something was missing.
After we went to the see the priest my two friends and I went to dinner and as we sat and ate, the words Little One kept being repeated over and over and over again. So much so that I could not focus on the dinner conversation.When we returned to the retreat centre I sat on my bed and listened. Little One was repeated again, this time gently and then I was told to find the meaning of Little One in Nepali, the language of Nepal.
So I typed it into my phone and up came the translation and I nearly fell off my bed. The word that came up was Sānō, with the pronunciation being Sah -noo. So close to Shamu that we had heard 2 years prior. I was then told to find the meaning of Sānō in Latin. Up came the meaning….to heal and to cure. Again, we were stunned. As I sat with the word a flood of memories started to unravel in front of me . Memories of times long gone , of being in the mountains, of being a Buddhist monk. It felt like home.
So now, here I sit, looking at the words Anandi Sānō and wondering what will be laid out before me if I use these names. A new name to match the frequency and vibration that has been given, to match what lies ahead. A name given by Source in order to leave the old behind and to step even more fully into what has been given, the place where I stand now for myself and others, this place of peace and presence, of teaching and healing and what is to become.