Anandi Sano brings the possibility of self-realization into the here and now.

Her communication is simple, direct and immediate. An invitation to move into presence, and ultimately, to liberation. The most important benefit you receive from her is exposure to the light of Source/God. It is found in Anandi’s teachings and emanates from her human form. Through exposure to the divine light, your system learns how to attune with it. Then when you are not in the presence of Anandi, you can connect with Source on your own. This is a direct spiritual path that will enable you to make tremendous spiritual progress in this lifetime

Anandi Sano works tirelessly to raise awareness and heal humanity, her energy flowing out to create healing across the globe. Her mission is to teach others that healing is meant to be simple, and that enlightenment is there for all to achieve.

Anandi Sano brings a raised consciousness, awareness and activation of healing and personal transformation. As an international spiritual teacher, intuitive energetic healer, intuitive messenger, author and inspirational keynote speaker she brings clarity, healing, peace, direction, alignment and the integration of the totality of Self, creating deep and lasting quantum shifts in those around her.

Anandi’s greatest strength is her ability to stand in presence 24/7 and being able to rapidly create change in peoples consciousness and profound healings just by being in her presence. People struggle to create deeper shifts within themselves or we are so stuck in our teachings and our knowledge, that she is able to lift us past that into a place of wisdom and of peace.  Her teachings are simple, yet profound and she continues to receive constant information in regards to healing, so there is now a need for her to stand in front of a greater audience to assist people how to heal self and others.

Through her connection to the divine energy and God, she is able to impart wisdom without the spoken word through her raised consciousness. At times we do not need words or knowledge, we just need to sit in the presence of another who can bring forth the wisdom that is required for humanity to heal.